What is ground maintenance

Living in a clean environment is the dream and desire of every individual, it not only look beautiful but also protect us from injuries and diseases which can cost our lives, and with the help of good ground maintenance, this dream can come true.

Who is a ground maintenance worker?

Ground maintenance worker is an individual whose mandate is to take care of the outdoor environment by ensuring the businesses, homes, public facilities such as schools, hospitals. Private companies and parks grounds are and remain attractive, tidy and healthy for people to live in. Most of their work is done outdoors, in all-weather state and mostly in demand during summer, winter and fall. Sometime their also perform indoors maintenance.

Duties and responsibilities

Ground maintenance duties are physically demanding since they involve frequent lifting, kneeling, bedding and even shoveling. The main duties include: Planting trees and flowers, watering and adding fertilizer for their healthy growth, cutting down and trimming away excess, dead and unwanted tree branches, trimming, sweeping along the roads and walk ways. Some also specialize in trees and flowers trimming and shaping and also pests control.

The materials and tools mainly used include: chain saws for trimming trees, sweeping brooms, and lawnmowers for trimming and shaping the grass, the workers are required to wear protective gears such as groves, dust mask and ear muffs to protect them from physical injuries, air contamination, excessive noise and also germs.

Who can choose the occupation and qualifications and why?

Basically anybody who is interested can become a ground maintainer since there is no formal education needed. But in cases of pesticides and fertilizers, one requires to apply for license in order to ensure proper usage and waste disposal.

Basics Qualification includes:

· Ability to endure in harsh weather condition such as heavy rain, and hot sun.

· Initial training on materials and tools usage to ensure safe handling.

· Physical strength is also essential as the job may require heavy lifting

The main reason you may consider to choose the occupation is that, the job is mostly seasonal, that is during summer, winter and fall when tree planting and trimming is done, therefore one can engage in other activities that can bring more income.







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